Best Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

Office shifting services in Dhaka Play a crucial role in ensuring a hassle-free and successful relocation process. With their expertise and experience, these service providers understand the intricacies involved in moving an entire office, including Furniture, equipment, and files. They have the necessary resources, Office Shifting Services in Dhaka staffing, and logistics to handle the process efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions to business operations.

Seamless Planning and Execution

Professional Office shifting services in Dhaka excel in planning and executing office relocations. They start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current office space and the requirements of the new location. Based on this evaluation, they created a detailed relocation plan, including timelines, packing strategies, transportation, and unpacking at the new Office. Their meticulous planning ensures a smooth transition and minimizes any chances of delays or mismanagement.

Office Shifting Services in Dhaka
Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

Expertise in Handling Office Equipment

Office relocation involves the careful handling of delicate and expensive equipment such as computers, servers, printers, and specialized machinery. Office shifting services in Dhaka have trained professionals who possess the expertise to dismantle, pack, transport, and reinstall these items efficiently. They use proper packing materials and techniques to ensure the safety and integrity of the equipment during transit.

Efficient Furniture Moving

Moving office furniture can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with large, bulky items. Professional Office shifting services in Dhaka have the necessary equipment, such as dollies, trolleys, and ramps, to handle Furniture moving with ease. They disassemble and pack Furniture securely,

Office Shifting Services in Dhaka.

ensuring its protection during transportation. At the new Office, they reassemble and arrange the furniture according to the client’s preferences.

Minimising Downtime

One of the primary concerns during office relocation is minimizing downtime to avoid disruptions to business operations. Office shifting services in Dhaka understand the significance of time-sensitive moves and work diligently to complete the relocation swiftly. By efficiently managing the packing, transportation, and unpacking processes, they help businesses resume their operations quickly, reducing downtime and potential revenue loss.

Safety and Insurance

Relocating valuable assets comes with inherent risks. However, professional office shifting services in Dhaka provide insurance coverage for any potential damages or losses that may occur during the relocation process. This ensures that businesses have peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected throughout the move. Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

The thought of office relocation could be troublesome. However, with the right design, any size of office moving will flatten. Pack & Shift is one of the simplest office shifting services suppliers in the capital, Bangladesh. The target once relocating office equipment, office furniture, cubicles, phones, computers, and laptops is to reduce disruption within the digital computer and fleetly come to traditional levels of potency and progress. Whereas no two office moving assignments are similar, basic activities require organization and management to confirm good implementation.

Our experienced business moving service project managers will assist you with each step of the Office shifting services in Dhaka. Operating as a team with you and your workers, we can promise that each period of your office relocation is covered, plans are created, procedures are applied, and timelines are met. There are thousands of tiny details to be attended to. Pack & shift ‘experienced and utmost dedicated workers can build unquestionably. Nothing is left to probability.

The extent of service facility relocation’s commonly taken location during traditional work hours and on weekends We are going to work together with your move coordinators to ascertain a novel office relocation arrangement, as well as Office moving succession, timeline objectives, and key roles and responsibilities to confirm a pal my Office move.

What is the easiest way to shift an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

After doing a lot of research, the best way is for your Office to hire an efficient mover and packer company. A well-known and efficient moving company makes your relocation process easy. We can change the Office ourselves if we want, but in that case, there are many risks. Professional movers and packers will 100% safely take care of your full office shifting process and will keep you tension-free. So, you can choose the best Office moving company in your local area without any suspicion.

Office Shifting Checklist:

 Make the Right Office Moving Plan

  • Make the Right Office Moving Plan
  • Appoint a Project Manager for Office Moving
  • Create an Accurate Moving Budget
  • Informs All Office Staff About the Office Move
  • Hire a professional Office moving company and confirm the arrangements.
  • Sort out and donate any unwanted furniture or other items.
  • An accurate plan for fragile or unusual items moves
  • Informs local partners and clients of your move.
  • Inform the insurance company before moving.
  • Marks goods that can’t be moved.

A proper plan for your office move

The Commercial office moving services in Dhaka need detailed planning and preparation. When properly planning the office move, firstly decide on the right moving date and the time frame for the office shifting process. Next, you can come up with the right schedule. Before moving your Office, you must Communicate with your employees because this is one of the important for office relocations.

How We Tend to Work for Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

  • When you raise Pack & shift to quote for your Office shifting services, one or a team of our skilled advisers can visit your Office to survey your office things.
  • He can review all of your belongings and build a listing and additionally build a brief list and mark that items are sensitive or breakable and that item wants additional packing.
  • You can get a moving quote consistent with a move, and the services provided support your moving wants and demands.

We continually give you as many moving resources as possible. We want to make your move simple, stress-free, and suitable for your budget and needs.

Our special packing and shifting choices assist you in deciding what quantity of Office shifting services you have to complete your Office move with success

in your budget and time frame.

  • Computer (desktop or laptop) relocation service
  • Plant relocation.
  • Crating service.
  • Project Management.
  • Employee move orientation conferences
  • Providing packaging materials.
  • Loading and unloading, delivery and setup
  • Warehouse relocation
  • Furniture disposal
  • Filing reorganizations
  • Inventory & document deposition
  • Records storage and management
  • Asset management

Pack & Shift Moving Company offers a full range of Office shifting services in Dhaka to get rid of and take apart your existing office furniture and fixtures, PC equipment, server rooms, and other connected providers from your recent location. Our knowledgeable and skilled movers can transport your things to the new location and place them in alignment with the direction of your facilities.

Here are our comprehensive packing and moving choices that assist you in arranging and preparing with ease.

Packing possibility of Office Shifting Services

Full-Service Packing – Our knowledgeable packer’s team can pack your entire office things by exploiting fashionable packing materials and the latest techniques. Every member of our packer’s team is skilled, specially trained, knowledgeable, and of utmost dedication. They’ll pack your entire Office with expertness and knowledgeable care.

Fragile Packing – Some things are breakable and irreplaceable in Price. Please allow us to inform you of that item so we are able to pack them with additional care. We tend to treat your office things as our own continually. Nothing to stress in the least as a result of your move is in the safe hands of qualified moving specialists.

Special Packing– Special packing is a process that saves your heavy, expensive, and important items 100%. Our special packing services are available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangpur, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Mymensingh and all over Bangladesh. We have a highly trained professional packing team for special packing in Dhaka.

Basic Office Moving Services

Loading – before loading the moving truck, our skilled mover’s team can make certain that each one of the office belongings is packed properly. All the things are listed for inventory, and place tagged for moving. To protect against dirt and scratches, we tend to use a plastic sturdy Stretch wrap. We tend to additionally use special packing materials to shield any injury to your belongings throughout the shifting.

Transportation  Safety is the 1st priority for us. We tend to make sure of the safety of your office belongings. Our drivers are practiced and commissioned. They’re terribly knowledgeable about driving serious moving trucks on the road, busy streets, or slender streets. They’re committed to moving your belongings in an exceedingly skilled method.

Unloading – when reaching the moving truck to your new Office, the unloading method can begin at once. To confirm that every single item is accounted we tend to are taking inventory while unloading. Consistent with your instruction, our skilled movers can place all the things room-wise with care. As you requested or demand, we are going to additionally give assemble services of your Furniture and different things likewise.

Expert labor – If you need only expert labor for house or Office moving services in Dhaka. Then there is good news for you: Pack & Shift provides professional expert house and Office moving labor in Dhaka. Office shifting is not an easy word for general people, so you should need an expert office mover’s labor.

Quick Transport Services for Your Office Move

If you need to move your Office in Dhaka from one place to another place, then you need transport services. A lot of transport companies provide transportation services in Dhaka. But maximum moving companies do not provide quick transport services for lack of limitation. Pack and Shift, Movers and Packers, is the only company in Dhaka that provides quick transport services for office shifting.

Our quick transport services will be at your doorstep for hassle-free and safe services always. You get every size of moving truck for your office items 24/7 days in Dhaka. You can comfortably move any office items as you wish. Note: Our all-transportation drivers and staff are highly trained and certified. So, there is no tension for your Office shifting in Dhaka.

Additional Office Relocation Services Accessible

Unpacking – we tend to continually try to create your Office moving expertise a lot of conveniences. Pack & the Shift is happy to supply you with an unpacking service. Our packers are skilled and honest, and they’ll take away all of your belongings and place them in the right place by your steering and instruction. Our unpacking service can assist you in settling simply into your new Office. As promised, we are going to take away all packing materials from your Office when you complete the unpacking method.

Assembly – we offer to break apart and assemble services to our customers. We’ve our knowledgeable, trained expert technician to assemble and activity your Office Furniture, A/C, LCD/LED, Projectors, Whiteboards, lights, Fan, and different electrical things. They’ll break apart and assemble assorted office things before your move.

Government Office Relocation Services in Dhaka.

We have a lot of government office moving experience in Dhaka city and all over Bangladesh. Usually, government offices are much bigger, so it takes lots of human resources to relocate. According to government instruction, we provide professional Office shifting services in Dhaka. On the other hand, we have a highly trained International standard professional full-time Office moving team. Although government offices belong to the general public, we work with the utmost security for moving. We always have some discounts for government office relocation.

Commercial Office Moving Services in Dhaka.

Every commercial and corporate Office needs professional movers to move the Office from one place to another place in Dhaka. Currently, only some moving companies provide commercial and corporate relocation services professionally in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Pack and Shift is one of them, which has 20+ years of commercial moving experience. This moving company can successfully move your commercial move as your requirement. This is the reason why I advise you to take their commercial moving service.

What is the estimate of moving an office?

Office moving estimate cost totally depends on as your requirement like how many numbers of items need to move, which types of packing support you need, how much lobar will be needed and what kind of car do you need? After the assessment, you will get a precise estimate from the moving company.

Cost-affecting reason for Office Moving.

Amount of office goods: At the beginning of the move, you should measure office goods. If office goods have some of then you will pay some amount depending on your office items. Or if office goods have more then you will have to pay more.

Size of Office: The size of the office property affects the cost of the Office moving to Dhaka. If you have a big high-rise office building, then the moving Price will be higher for you then. If you are relocating 1 room office, the cost will be low compared to the Office of 2 rooms.

Depend on labor: The cost affecting will depend on how much labor it takes to change your Office. Highly trained professional labor can do complex work easily. We have 20+ experienced professional office-moving labor teams in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka.

Insurance and Storage:  If you need an insurance and storage facility, be ready to pay a separate cost for hired insurance and storage service. We have a government-approved insurance facility and an international standard safe and secure storage facility.

Packing Materials type: We have all kinds of packing materials like bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, peanut foam, rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, chipboard packaging, plastic sheets, poly bags, foil-sealed bags, etc. Price for packing depends on which packing materials you are using. We have special packing services so that using expensive packing materials. This type of packing will be higher than the normal packing.

Why are Pack and Shift Movers best for Office Relocation Services?

Pack and Shift company designs your house and Office shifting packages according to the client’s requirements and moving location. Recently, they have offered special discounts for family shifting, commercial shifting, corporate shifting, and Office shifting in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Some specialty:

  1. Local residential Office moving services at low cost.
  2. Local commercial Office moving service at low rates.
  3. Storage is available for important items.
  4. Our special services include wall painting, floor padding, and shining.
  5. Special packing for special items and expensive items.
  6. Official Furniture open and fitting & packing unpacking.
  7. Super past executive support and immediate response.
  8. Electronic items like AC, Fan, TV, and other open and fitting.
  9. We have an insurance facility for any bad incident
  10. We make sure 100% hassle-free and safe relocation services.
  11. Highly trained expert relocation team to help you without any issues.

Why Pack and Shift?

  • Security: Security is our priority, so don’t worry about your Office moving.
  • Save time: Our company’s specialty is to do more work in less time.
  • Save money: Currently, we provide office relocation services at a minimum cost, which no other specialized moving companies can give.
  • Free Assessment: We have 24/7 hours free assessment in Dhaka.
  • Free Quotation- These services can help you to make the right decision for your move.
  • Without hidden costs: We do not have any hidden costs and extra costs.
  • Compensation: Compensation is given in case of damage to any goods

Let us know your move details for Super-Fast-Moving Services.

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