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    Experience round-the-clock peace of mind with our 24/7 moving support services. Whether it’s late-night queries or last-minute changes, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you. Enjoy a hassle-free move with our reliable, responsive support, ensuring a smooth transition anytime, anywhere. Trust us for all your moving needs.

    House And Office shifting service in Dhaka

    Everything of Packers and Movers service near you

    PACK & SHIFT, Home and office moving services

    One of the largest and 1st Moving companies in Bangladesh, it evolved from a small-scale business of pack & shift Household Carrier established in 2001 and functioned particularly for the shifting of household goods. Incepted by the vision and hard efforts of kowsar alom, the company moved ahead toward the path of growth. Areas we have service in Dhaka are: Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Bashunhara, Dhanmondi, Mohakhali, Mirpur, Uttara

    Expert packing for maximum safety Seamless, stress-free relocations Affordable pricing without hidden fees Timely and reliable service Comprehensive moving Read More

    Office Shifting Service in Dhaka

    Office shifting services streamline the relocation process, handling everything from packing and transportation to setup, ensuring minimal business disruption. Opt for experienced, insured movers to safeguard your office assets during the move. We have Relocation and moving services also: Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Uttara, Bashundhara, Dhanmondi

    Highly trained and experienced Office movers, Packing and loading to transportation, Competitive pricing models designed to move your belongings safely across states, Advanced logistics and tracking Read More

    Home shifting service near You

    House shifting service

    Discover top-rated movers and packers offering timely delivery for your relocation needs. Our experts ensure fast, efficient, and secure packing and moving services nationwide home shifting service near you. Trust us for a stress-free move with our commitment to punctuality. Experience seamless relocation with our reliable and timely delivery. Move with confidence today. Service Areas: Moghbazar, Escaton, Baily Road, Khilgaon, Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Shahabag, Bashundhara, Uttara

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    বাসা বদল সার্ভিস

    বাসা বদল একটি সময়সাপেক্ষ এবং কষ্টকর প্রক্রিয়া হতে পারে। তাই একটি পেশাদার বাসা বদল সার্ভিস ব্যবহার করা সবসময়ই একটি ভাল ধারণা। পেশাদার বাসা বদল সার্ভিস ব্যবহার করা আপনার বাসা বদল প্রক্রিয়াকে সহজ এবং স্ট্রেস মুক্ত করে তুলবে। তাই আপনার প্রয়োজন অনুযায়ী একটি নির্ভরযোগ্য বাসা বদল সার্ভিস বেছে নিন এবং একটি স্বাচ্ছন্দ্যময় বাসা বদল অভিজ্ঞতা উপভোগ করুন।

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    Choose the best moving team for a hassle-free relocation experience. Our top-rated professionals offer efficient, reliable, and personalized moving services, ensuring your belongings are handled with utmost care. From packing to delivery, trust our expert team for a seamless move. Get peace of mind with our exceptional moving solutions

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    Our Services

    PACK & SHIFT is the modernization of shifting services in Bangladesh. We provide A to Z Service of Office or House Shifting related work 01798111222. Domestic, Commercial & industrial moving available any time anywhere in Dhaka.

    Residential Move

    We are Local, inter-district packers and movers of any kind of house moving company in Bangladesh.

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    Industrial Move

    We are highly trained machinery Relocating expert. Handling any machines and equipment.

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    Commercial Move

    Everything of Government & non-government Office shifting service support provides by us.

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    Personal Moving

    You can take our help to reach safe and secure destinations for your personal effects and valuable things

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    International Move

    We are International, Movers and Packers whether it is residential, commercial & industrial.

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    Event Move

    Simplest way to craft & share events for pretty much anything. Move is a fast, beautiful, fun way to share events in your community

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